I Stand On The Edge Of The Oceans Shore

I stand on the edge of the oceans shore, so blue and clear the sea
Nothing there for miles and miles, great beauty showing me
The light that glistens on the water, reflects the true self me
The oceans and me are just the same, we are beauty there too see

I sit down too be comfortable, the warm sand slides through my hands
The feeling of perfection, a picture of Gods land
My head falls back too see the sky, as the sun beats down on me
I’m in pure bliss, I soak it up, the light it flows from me

Many hours have now passed, I do not want too leave
The air is cool, the sky is dusk, my time is signalling me
I stay there for a minute or so, to snatch another peek
My day against the oceans edge, my memories I will keep

Love, light and healing energies too you all


We Are A Replica Of A Butterfly

I spot within the distance, a set of wings right there
I see the colours shining, two black spots seen right there
This insect sitting oh so still, upon a branch it lays
My beautiful butterfly, that comes and joins today

It’s presence is so peaceful, it’s wings are open wide
It’s ready to take flight once more, the timing God decides
But for now it’s stillness, it does take it in
Our life you see resembles this, each time we go within

Too go within ourselves today, our peace it will meet us
Our heart is open, God is there, his love it does greet us
Our mind is empty full of quiet, our wings are opening wide
God is talking too us, he tells us where to fly

God knows that we are ready, or today we would not choose
He knows our feet will walk new steps, he knows our trust is true
So our pathway he will open up, a new door we will see
God will turn the handle, when we’re standing there with him

Love, light and healing energies too you all


I Stand Upon A Hilltop

I stand upon a hilltop, the wind it strokes my face
The area vast and beautiful, glorious greens are on display
The yellow sun is shining, the rays upon the ground
Are colours of the rainbow, sent from Gods own hands

I stand and take the view right in, I keep it in my heart
The memories stay within my head, a love I feel inside
The view there from my hilltop, watching life flow by
Is one of glorious splendour, that’s seen through my own eyes

The deers are running roaming free, their little ears tall
The sheep there wearing their fur coat, resembling cotton balls
The horse within the meadow, munching hay so fresh
The rabbits running down their holes, to make their homely nest

The birds are soaring through the sky, a new land they will meet
The butterflies are settling, still there next too me
The clouds above are fluffy white, the sky is perfect blue
Everything I see right now, your Lord has sent this you

Love, light and healing energies too you all



We Each Have Our Own Cocoon

We each have our own cocoon, still and safe we are
Inside a lot is happening, our soul alive it grows
Our cocoon is growing weaker, as our strength does grow
We’re ready now to live a life, that God is sending through

When our cocoon finally breaks, our wings they learn too fly
We stop for just a minute, to assess our path in life
When we see where we are going, our runway we do see
Our wings take flight and off we go, our world we go too see

Sometimes in our life, our cocoon we need too be
So we can see the strength we have, our wings to set us free
We all need sometime in our life, to stop and see the signs
So we can walk the right path, the one that finds our light

Love, light and healing energies too you all

My Hammock Rocks Me Gently

I sit upon my hammock, my bikini I do bare
My hands relaxed above my head, the oceans I hear there
The breeze is seeping through the palms, the geckos running past
This view I have before me, I want this time too last

My hammock rocks me gently, my lashes heavy so
My eyes then shut, my lullaby, of waters splashing through
I lay asleep for hours, my skin it now feels warm
I feel like I’m in paradise, my eyes stay shut some more

When I wake the sun has set, a little chill I feel
I place my shawl around my back, too keep my warmth within
I turn and face the oceans, a light reflects it so
My day within my hammock, shows me of Gods home

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Two Sets Of Footprints In The Sand

I walk upon the sand, my footprints I see there
No shoes are there upon my feet, my toes do imprint now
As I take a closer look, my eyes can barely believe
There another set with mine, but who does own these feet

I turn my head so slowly, there right by my side
A trailing cloak of colours, two wings I see behind
The silhouette is hovering, but it’s steps my eyes do see
We carry on together, my darling Angel and me

Our walk it does go further, two sets there still remain
Our footsteps seem too synchronise, like a playful game
My walk I now don’t feel alone, my heart it feels at peace
Next time you feel this way, remember your guide with thee

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Life It Is So Beautiful

Life it is so beautiful, each thing we see is new
Each step we take is different, something new is you
Your life is changing daily, so subtle you can’t feel
But everyday we do evolve, believe it as the real

Your eyes saw differently yesterday, the scents around have gone
The wind may have blown through your hair, today you have the sun
The trees there full of leaves so green, are brown upon the ground
The steps you took were the same, but the view has changed around

I suppose what I am saying, no two days are the same
Your life when you woke up, you will not live again
Think about tommorrow, what will be there for you
Another little addition, that creates a part of you

Love, light and healing energies too you all

I Sit And Think Of Heaven

I sit and think of heaven, Gods home I am there now
Upon a bench I talk too God, I share my worries now
God sees my heart full of pain, as I worry about our world
His hands they hold, he looks at me, these words I do hear well

Dear child you have so very much, you share it every day
You let your light shine brightly, your prayers you send my way
I hear what your prayers do say, I know you speak the truth
I answer with my love for you, I’m protecting all for you

I feel your heart come alive, when to others you do care
I see a tear well up in you, as you stroke your child’s hair
I see wise words that you share around, the comfort you do bring
I see your passion in your heart, with these words you share gladly

So my child stop worrying, your doing so much more
Your helping others achieve there best, your opening up their door
Your words that you place within their hearts, leads them back too me
Everyday I hear Another, calling out too me

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Another Part Of You Exists

See how the waters flow, their ripples flowing past
See how new life is present, in the waters fast
The plant life sweeping merrily, the tides dictate their path
The organisms living there, transformed into something else

As each flow of waters gone, another new picture there
The life that you saw before this one, exploring now new ground
The reefs that your eyes did see, are facing a new way
The organisms there so still, transformed with each new wave

We are not so different, each day we have a chance
With each dawn brings life again, to learn so much we can
Every breath we now do take, our eyes a different view
Our life is transforming the same way, go find another part of you

Love, light and healing energies too you all

My Journey I Share With You

I think about my journey, the road that I have walked
Upon it there were obstacles, so far I’ve overcome
Some of them were hillsides, some mountain there of great
But every step I fought too walk, has given me such strength

I had so much confusion, great darkness followed me
But I kept my light shining, great faith I held in me
So many times I tired, I felt no more I’d walk
But then I found the love within, Gods voice his words did talk

I have shed so many tears, great smiles have also shown
Great beauty which I missed before, there upon the shores
I kept my ears wide open, my eyes they woken too
My Angels also shared my walk, guiding me too truth

I’m so glad I did not give up, so many things I’ve learnt
Words of wisdom I now share, everyday with you
Hope I also share with you, I am your guiding light
I even speak my love for all, within my prayers each night

Love, light and healing energies too you all