My Waterfall Of Still

I look there in the distance, my eyes do spot it all
The blades of grass a blowing, the lovely waterfall
The willow tree hung branches, a little bridge of brown
Everything is wonderful, my feet invite the ground

Feet now bare, I take a step, too get a closer look
As I walk my hand does cup, a flower on the ground
Wind is sweeping past my face, just a little breeze
Like the branches flowing, synchronising for me

As I reach the waterfall, my eyes they are in awe
Waters flowing over edge, a white crest builds from tall
As the waters do flow strong, but settle as a still
This the same as me right now, my walk brought this too me

Love, light and healing energies too you all


Each Wall Brought Me Closer To Me

Quietly I sit a thinking, of how my life as changed
I took a step too climb one wall, I was met again by pain
I took a second on I climbed, another one defeat
But yet again an obstacle, another one too beat

On my journey I do climb, over now again
But another wall was waiting there, fear I now do meet
Further on my steps I take, taking one by one
But what I’d realised I’d come so far, the others left behind

What the walls had given me, an answer in my life
Every wall I saw as one, but really there was nine
No longer was I looking back, each wall was easier so
This exercise as taught me well, it’s helped my soul too grow

Love, light and healing energies too you all


Nothing is What It First Seems

I look up to the night sky, black is all I see
Then I see a twinkle one, joined by two and three
Then others start now too appear, the sky now different so
Yes I still see darkness, but light it also shows

My eyes look and they gaze, my face now showing awe
Little lights everywhere, darkness now forms low
Every blink of my eyes, another light now shows
In the sky a sheet now formed, the sky a golden glow

You see what I am saying here, your eyes can miss so much
What first appears as it’s self, deep down there is new stuff
If I went back inside my home, when the sky was dark
I would have missed the twinkles there, that set now in my heart

Love, light and healing energies too you all

The Night Sky Creates A Story

I lay upon my back, a canvas there I see
Everywhere there is night, darkness surrounds me
The only noise an echo heard, tiny mice feet tread
As they scurry on the ground, food there for their nest

As my eyes gaze upwards, a picture does emerge
Little lights taking shape, the stars they have now merged
Wings appear from the lights, a silhouette now made
All the stars within the sky, their lights an Angel came

Not there one, but a few, dancing round and round
Sky alive before my eyes, a glimpse of our new world
Little bridges also form, a pathway shining bright
A vision there before me now, created from night sky

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Child Of Healing

My vision as a child, my thoughts were always same
Me within the centre, the world I healed of pain
I didn’t know who was healing, but my tears would always flow
I could feel their pain inside, of where my loved had flowed

I had a strong connection, too everything and all
Me myself a child small, the world it felt so tall
My mind would roam vast areas, their names I didn’t know
But my feelings would flow out, touch the souls alone

As my mind raced everywhere, thoughts would come too mind
A vision of a face I had touched, staring into mine
Children roaming through the streets, a crumb within their hand
A family standing there in black, a loved one lost to land

Everyday was the same, the visions flowing fast
Sitting there on my own, still feeling others pain
But one thing I did have, too help me with it all
Was my faith in my prayers, that love would sort it all

Love, light and healing energies too you all

As A Child Small

As a child small, my view of life was true
Everything looked colourful, skies a perfect blue
The sun it looked so yellow, the leaves a perfect green
Even grasses oh so soft, calling out too me

Birds I heard them clearly, their songs were all a chime
Every flower smelling sweet, stood there in a line
Little butterflies going past, their wings my ears heard
Everything back right then, my senses amplified

What I learnt as a child, no distractions did shut out
Everything my eyes did see, alive my spiritual self
No noise within my mind, no ego saying stop
All around me peacefulness, the gifts there from my God

Love, light and healing energies too you all

My Bluebird And Me

I sit upon my window ledge, a little perfect seat
Back against the concrete wall, a pane in front of me
Little curtains checked of blue, draped so perfectly
There before a perfect view, waiting there for me

A little bluebird I do spot, on the other side
Sitting there oh so still, resembling now my mind
Wings there placed surrounding back, it’s little eyes half closed
Waiting too take flight again, this plan is one God chose

You see this little bluebird, we are two the same
God as chosen too keep us still, regain our strength again
When we both are rested, our wings God opens up
So we can carry on our flights, too places still untouched

Love, light and healing energies too you all

My Willow Tree Of Love

I sit within my garden, a little log I sit
There beneath the willow tree, resting for a bit
Little birds I do watch, a net of nuts they hang
A purple butterfly stops its wings and settles on my hand

An aroma tickles so, the senses in my nose
Eyes now shut mesmerised, memories being load
Through the branches of the tree, the warmth it hits me so
Everything is perfect, my willow tree brings love

A little yawn comes too me, my hand it covers gap
Then my eyes wake with start, a black cat on my lap
Rubbing fur against my skin, it’s perfect gentle purr
My cat and me in ecstasy, this moment we adore

As the day becomes dusk, the wind a little chill
Around my shoulder my shawl drapes, protected from the cold
But this moment I don’t end, instead my eyes look up
There between the branches, the light of stars are much

Love, light and healing energies too you all

A New World As Emerged

As I lay within the fields of green, on my back I lay
Everything feels upside down, a new view there too stay
A canvas there of perfect blue, resembles oceans shores
White clouds floating all around, resembles waves galor

Little dots I now see, that fly there overhead
Birds they are their wings a span, resembles leaves of red
Little gaps between it all, an absence of it all
Resembling how my mind feels now, present and in still

As I lay just looking up, a picture there as formed
What my mind as chose too do, is create another world
One that looks so perfect, one that’s free from war
All I see as I look up, is heaven in it all

Love, light and healing energies too it all


What Are Your Thoughts Saying

I ask you all today, what does consume your thoughts
Are they one of happiness, or a voice too stop it all
Do you think of present now, or have your thoughts gone back
Or do they picture the future, a life you’ve not yet had

How much time have you spent on these, has your energy been drained
Or does your life look positive, your dreams they have a name
Do you not think anything, as present is where you are
Your trusting in your message, stay present says the Lord

The message I am sharing here, is stay present in your thoughts
If you go backwards, this will stall your walk
If you live in the future, run is what you’ll do
Every opportunity now, will then bypass you

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Myself As A Child

I lay out on the spongy grass, my side upon I lay
My arm is bent, my hand is cupped, to hold now up my head
As I sit there gazely, my eyes a view I see
Looking into waters blue, I see another me

There I see my adult face, but childlike I appear
My golden hair with streaks of light, my face it looks much fuller
Face now bare, no make up on, my glow is one of pure
Lashes curled from edge too edge, my lips of red on show

Tiny freckles, speckled dots, my tiny nose now shows
Cheekbones gone, round I see, a chubbiness so cute
My elfin chin shapes it all, this face I used too know
There before my very eyes, I’m now a child of snow

Love, light and healing energies too you all