I Came Across A Site Today

I looked upon a site today, of someone starting out
He’s found the courage inside of him, to get his message out
His site is very educational, new things that I have learnt
It’s called Positive Imprints HQ, he talks about our world

His photos are full of beauty, great nature he does show
He talks about the environment and shows you things to grow
He is a young man who is passionate, to get his message out
To bring to others in the world, positivity all around

He has big dreams of telling all, he’s started now of small
He’s turned his vision into a plan, to educate others on it all
He believes our future can be different, light in us we hold
I will be returning to his site, to read his stories there be told

Love, light and healing energies too you all

There Is Nothing We Cannot Do

There is nothing in our lives, that we cannot do
When we visualise our dreams, our intentions do come true
We can be whoever we want, we always have a choice
We only have to believe it’s ours, our blessing come right through

Yes there may be challenges, for us to overcome
But they are removable, by living life in God
You see when things do become hard, it only is a test
To see what we hold within our hearts, we only want the best

If we listen to that little voice, that always screams at us
It is our Inner child, reminding us of truth
Our dreams you see have been always there, they’ve been with us from the start
So if you want to see your dreams, look within your heart

Love, light and healing energies too you all

I Am Strong Inside

I look at life today, through my spiritual eyes
Everything is beautiful, I see how my life has grown
Fear it does come to me, but today I overcome
I keep God there within my heart, my faith does keep me strong

Years ago looked so bleak, fear it reigned my life
Everyday a struggle, my spiritual self out of sight
My faith I didn’t call on, I struggled on alone
I never felt so lonely, until God came to carry me home

No matter now how low I go, Gods hands do lift me up
My heart he fills with so much love, It keeps myself so strong
A light he has placed around me, to let me know it will be okay
He whispers in my ear each day, your loved more than words could say

Love, light and healing energies too you all

My Spiritual Walk

What I have learnt on my journey, it amazes me each day
The strength that I’ve been given, helps me on my way
A positivity reigns from me, my path it is unknown
But wherever I am heading, I trust God, I’m not alone

I know that I’ve been preparing, for something that is new
I feel change in the air, my blessings will come through
I feel within my heart each day, the peace that does dwell there
I know I have a purpose, one that shows all that I care

My journey has been a bumpy ride, so many ups and downs
Every time I feel more light, the Angels do surround
I feel their presence around me, they guide me everyday
I’m so thankful for my faith in all, I’m so blessed God shows me the way

Negativity does hit back, it tries to dim the light
But faith in me rescues all, the darkness falls from me
My faith as been my saviour, my walk will carry on
The light in me is stronger, challenges I’ll overcome

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Each Day We Are Surrounded By Beauty

Within our world there is beauty, we live in it each day
Our fields are full of colour, great animals pass our way
The colours of the flowers, their aromas they give out
The mesmerising beauty, God has given us it all

The mountainsides of splendour, their grandness do stand tall
The little streams are full of life, swimming to oceans shores
The sun it brings us great light, a warmth we feel each day
The sands that exists within our world, no feet on them as stood

The raindrops on the pavements, rainbows showing too
The clouds they create a picture, of Angels there with you
The night sky full of twinkles, a little ray of hope
You see our day brings us gifts from God, throughout our waking life

Love, light and healing energies too you all

I’m So Blessed In Life

I sit upon a tiny hill, a willow tree shades me
I gaze at all the beauty, there surrounding me
The air is full of stillness, my mind it does feel calm
God is there beside me, my Angels place their arms

I feel a warmth within me, my mind it wanders so
I remember as a child, building in the snow
My face it beams with happiness, a smile is there on show
God is showing me my inner child, I see how much I’ve grown

The hours pass memories flow, God is showing me
The love I’ve shared with others, what they’ve brought to me
Light it flows from my soul, my vibrations climbing high
I am so blessed to have my life, Gods given it to me

Love, light and healing energies too you all

You Are Never Alone

Next time you feel alone, remember words I say
You are loved for always, God is there to stay
You have your own uniqueness, your gifts are only yours
It’s up to you to use them and share them in the world

You see we are all connected, we are always as one
You only have to go inside, your love will then flow out
Let you light shine always, attract others is what you’ll do
Alone will be a memory now, I am there with you

The Angels walk side by side, they bring comfort to your life
They watch you through your struggles, they help you find your light
God he does stay with you, every breath you take
Remember you are surrounded, faith is all it takes

When you sit and feel alone, feel a warmth rise up in you
It is your Angels wings hugging you, watching over you
Look out for the feathers they leave, to say we’re by your side
God will never leave you, your life will turn out right

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Faith Is All It Takes

Faith is all it takes in life, to meet your every need
There is nothing that cannot be brought to life, in God you will succeed
It takes great strength from you, a belief you have it all
God will then work things out for you, he even brings you more

God is our creator, he knows what we will fight
He gives us strength to overcome our trials, his Angels by our side
He see the lessons he has placed, as things to help us grow
These are only platforms, a higher perspective it will show

Yes we will face challenges, yes we’ll see the dark
Our journey will not be easy, it will take our faith to start
Faith makes all things easier, we understand what God must do
But faith it helps you stay positive, that God is there with you

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Angels Heal Everything

Angels they are with us, they surround us every day
They leave us signs to heal us, our path they guide the way
They may whisper in our ear, or surround us with their warmth
Their wings they do protect us, keep us safe from it all

They watch us at work each day, they take our stress away
They see when we love others and our children as they play
They see our struggles with money, little gifts they send to us
They sit upon our bed each night, blessings placed on you

Our Angels are our best friends, their signs do give us strength
They see when we might give up, courage they do send
If they see our tears, they wipe them from our eyes
Our Angels will give everything, to help within our lives

The signs they may not seem obvious, but believe me they are there
Sometimes we are so busy, but our Angels always care
How many times have you plans changed course, a blessing in disguise
The Angels only place you on the road, the one there with Gods light

Love, light and healing energies too you all


I feel like I’m a passenger, watching where my life goes

It feels like I’m looking outwards, directing as I go

Inside my true self is watching, how I deal with all in life

My internal picture is changing, becoming transformed in light

I watch how fear reigns over me, I see the tears I cry

My masks are visible before me, shielding my true light

I feel I want to shout out load, stop that ego fight

Inside I am transforming, now I’ve finally seen the truth

Externally we are all passengers, till our own lights find you

Love, light and healing energies too you all