I Sit And Think Of Heaven

I sit and think of heaven, Gods home I am there now
Upon a bench I talk too God, I share my worries now
God sees my heart full of pain, as I worry about our world
His hands they hold, he looks at me, these words I do hear well

Dear child you have so very much, you share it every day
You let your light shine brightly, your prayers you send my way
I hear what your prayers do say, I know you speak the truth
I answer with my love for you, I’m protecting all for you

I feel your heart come alive, when to others you do care
I see a tear well up in you, as you stroke your child’s hair
I see wise words that you share around, the comfort you do bring
I see your passion in your heart, with these words you share gladly

So my child stop worrying, your doing so much more
Your helping others achieve there best, your opening up their door
Your words that you place within their hearts, leads them back too me
Everyday I hear Another, calling out too me

Love, light and healing energies too you all


Another Part Of You Exists

See how the waters flow, their ripples flowing past
See how new life is present, in the waters fast
The plant life sweeping merrily, the tides dictate their path
The organisms living there, transformed into something else

As each flow of waters gone, another new picture there
The life that you saw before this one, exploring now new ground
The reefs that your eyes did see, are facing a new way
The organisms there so still, transformed with each new wave

We are not so different, each day we have a chance
With each dawn brings life again, to learn so much we can
Every breath we now do take, our eyes a different view
Our life is transforming the same way, go find another part of you

Love, light and healing energies too you all

My Journey I Share With You

I think about my journey, the road that I have walked
Upon it there were obstacles, so far I’ve overcome
Some of them were hillsides, some mountain there of great
But every step I fought too walk, has given me such strength

I had so much confusion, great darkness followed me
But I kept my light shining, great faith I held in me
So many times I tired, I felt no more I’d walk
But then I found the love within, Gods voice his words did talk

I have shed so many tears, great smiles have also shown
Great beauty which I missed before, there upon the shores
I kept my ears wide open, my eyes they woken too
My Angels also shared my walk, guiding me too truth

I’m so glad I did not give up, so many things I’ve learnt
Words of wisdom I now share, everyday with you
Hope I also share with you, I am your guiding light
I even speak my love for all, within my prayers each night

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Your Trials Have Given You Growth

When you think of where your life has been, what thoughts do come to you
Do you see the positives, from struggles you’ve been through
Look at what you have been taught, they are a part of Gods own plan
Would you be where you are now, if you hadn’t fallen down

What blessings have arose, do your eyes now have a view
Your struggles are your greatest gifts, they make up now whats you
Would you ever have been able too see your life, as beautiful as today
Your struggles have taught you to live your life, in the present day

You may have shed many tears, your days may have been dark
But your light you may not have found inside, deep within your heart
If you wasn’t broken somehow, how could you now be fixed
The journey you have walked upon, as given faith within

You see too loose yourself, it helps you to regrow
How can you transform again, if you life was never broke
Searching for the parts of you, you never would have done
God had given you trials in life, too see your work is done

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Help Contribute To Our World

I see our life as just one chance, to change our future world
Everything we learn right now, is God there guiding you
Every time your love flows out, a little dark does go
The more love that you share around, helps our world too grow

Each of us carries light, it’s there to light our world
Everything that is sent out, reflects it back too us
Every ray that beams from us, resembles stars within the sky
Every set of our wings, helps us all fly high

So you see what I say too you, please share your love around
Let your light flow from you, please send your light beams now
Let your wings open up, meet me in the sky
So we can stand in harmony and save all human life

Love, light and healing energies too you all

I Hope For You All

I hope that all within this world, within your hearts there’s peace
I hope you see your blessings, gratefulness it brings
I hope you feel your love inside, you also see your light
I say a prayer for each of you, that life will be alright

I hope your struggles you’ve overcome, your strength within is yours
I hope you path your feet walk upon, have brought you open doors
I hope the darkness that you’ve shared, as brought too you your light
I hope you have your faith inside, as God is by your side

I hope if you’ve had losses in your life, the Angels have healed you
I hope you see the messages, that God does send too you
I hope if your tears have fell, I hope you now smile well
But most of all I hope for you, you find your self as well

Love, light and healing energies too you all

My Time Within The Oceans

As my feet walk upon the hot sand, a feeling flows through me
I feel much comfort in my heart, as happy as can be
The ocean looks so inviting, as my steps I forward press
The waves are there to meet me, the waters are my gain

I walk out deeper into the abyss, my body lowers now
I’m on my back just drifting, sunlight blazing down
Around me there is peace and quiet, only ripples I do hear
There within the oceans, the fishes do swim near

I look up to the clear blue sky, my hands do paddle well
The fluffy clouds bring love too me, I feel God all around
I feel encased within my own self, my breath I hear is still
My time within the ocean, brings peace there deep within

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Some People Say

Some people say I’m an Angel, some call me very nice
Some try too give protection, so I’m protected by my light
Some will say thank you, some a hug they give
Some will place a kiss upon, my forehead their lips do bring

Some will tell me of the hope, I’ve given to their lives
Some will show gratefulness, of tears cried I have wiped
Some will tell me of their love, as my shoulder they do rest
Some will send me all their love, as I always give my best

Some will give me their struggles too keep, so healing can take place
Some will sit and hold my hand, their heart it comes too rest
Some will share a joke with me, as my smile they love too see
But everyone I share my life, I’m as grateful has can be

Love, light and healing energies too you all

I Sit Upon Pastures Green

As I sit upon the pastures green, the sun shines down on me
The warmth it makes me smile inside, the light it does fill me
My cheeks they colour one of blush, as the sun lights up my face
My hair of blonde it does streak now, highlights take its place

My flowing dress, my ankles swathed, my sandals upon my feet
My tiny satchel there with me, I now write what I do meet
The daisies pouring from the ground, array of beauty there
The insects hidden within the grass, my eyes do spot them there

My pen does scribble, my mind is lost, my pages do fill up
Words of beauty there are wrote, within my little book
I take a look as I place one more word, end is what it says
My adventure of my pastures green, alive from words I share

Love, light and healing energies too you all




The Stars Are Your Angels

I sit upon my comfy chair, outdoors with the night sky
I sit within the cool air, the night it passes by
I look up too the twinkling stars, a story they do tell
With each one a message, of light too share around

I gaze at them, I read them well, each one it gives me clues
Every star within the sky, are Angels calling you
As I gaze at them some more, their shapes do intertwine
Before me now I see two wings, flying through the sky

I do not want this night too end, my Angels dancing round
When I join them in the sky, their message I have found
What the stars have taught me, I never am alone
Every night they return too me, my stars that twinkle so

Love, light and healing energies too you all