This Was Once Me

This is how I used too see myself, tired and worn down
No light there guiding me, just darkness all around
A heavy boulder walked with me, my shoulders it weighed down
Everywhere I tried too see, a part waiting too be found

In a mirror I would look, but sadness did look back
No light there within my eyes, no wings my back were found
My feet were tired of the walk, my legs ached from the climb
Everything felt negative, my eyes were walking blind

Then one day this all changed, myself I recognised
Not as an adult self, but a child I’d left behind
Then my inner child spoke, look this is who you are
All you need to find yourself, is heal what’s in your heart

So this I did, a walk I’ve endured, transformation has occurred
Every day I see some more, of the person who I adore
I’ve learnt too love myself again, this has been the hardest thing
But too love yourself, your ready now, too love all from deep within

Love, light and healing energies too you all


A Mountain Or A Hill

When you stand at the foot of a mountain, you feel you are now small
It seems you’ll never conquer this, so your feet stay on the floor
If you change this now for you, a hill it now becomes
You don’t feel so small, your feet do move, your challenge now not a wall

Why do you think you could manage this, but a mountain you could not climb
Both the same an obstacle, to help you ease your mind
It’s not the size that’s changed your mind, but your thinking don’t you see
Each of them you could overcome, if you chose too just believe

Every choice we make in life, our view remains the same
We see our obstacles has scary, our feet don’t move again
But if we loose the fear inside and walk within our heart
A mountain or a little hill, both in life we’ll climb

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Rain Brings Life Colour

Today it is now raining, the sky in parts are blue
Every little rain drop, says hello too you
If you take a closer look, each one a colour it’s own
When they settle on the ground, their colours show for you

There will be little blue drops, also there are red
Orange ones will follow, as they hit your head
Purple ones shine so bright, white ones illuminate
Green will bring great healing, these ones are your friends

Who would think what drops could bring, as they leave the sky
Who would think your little drips, bring colour in your life
Who would think as waters lay, a puddle forms around
There you see paradise, from drops of Gods own hands

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Hello My Inner Child

I sit beside the water, my hands it paddles so
The water warm caresses me, as it splashes up my arm
My knees are tucked behind me, my curls are all flow free
There within the water, I’m looking there at me

I see my tiny face there, my eyes are shining blue
My little nose, the sun has caught, my freckles in full bloom
My blonde curls wrap around my face, my lips are perfect red
My lashes curled, my face elfin, a perfect child again

You see what I’ve just seen, is not of my adult self
The waters connected me again, to the child I have now found
Hello my inner child I say, how are you doing today
I feel right then my problems spared, I feel at peace again

Love, light and healing energies too you all

Eyes Called Number One

Today I use my eyes called one, things do look the same
My view within my room right now, the same as yesterday
There within my tiny room, a bed all made up neat
A wardrobe sporting hung up clothes, same view today I meet

Then I do my favourite thing, I introduce my eyes of two
You may wonder what my words, are trying too say too you
Our eyes you see don’t have one view, there is so much more out there
Your eyes of two bring many things, you will not find elsewhere

These eyes you see are our precious gift, you also have these eyes
You find them in the solitude, the peace within your mind
They awaken up a whole new world, one that’s truly bliss
Your spiritual eyes will bring Gods things, your gift of things from him

Love, light and healing energies too you all



If We Hold One View

If we look at life through humans eyes, this is what we see
A view which is one dimensional, the others are hid from thee
You see we live within many worlds, in and out we walk
But our closed of selves remove all these, one world our stories tell

If we think about the universe, great pathways there too find
We travel on these daily, but leave them way behind
We miss the things of importance, as we follow a one way road
But we have the chance too explore much more, uncover what is told

Our light we hold is the answer, our thoughts change this as well
Our vibrations when raised higher, connect with our true self
Here we see the open road, our pathway now does show
Our light is precious in our life, it steers our way too go

If we never saw these things, in our precious life
If we guide our life always, by only one set of eyes
Think of what we would have missed, what things we could have learnt
Everything before you, your words of truth be spoke

Love, light and healing energies too you all


our Life Is One Dimensional

Our life is one dimensional, our human selves believe
It keeps us stuck in just one place, other worlds they are not freed
We believe in things that our hands touch, we see with human eyes
We’re missing all our other worlds, our human eyes do hide

There is a world so unexplored, it’s with us everyday
We don’t give thought too where this is, our human mind in play
We keep it close within our hearts, one day when we wake up
We will see the world that’s so untouched, there within our spiritual eyes

Our spiritual eyes are patient, they stay around and wait
They wait for us too conquer all, the fear our human self creates
They know our life’s not easy, we are distracted by life’s noise
But they are giving us a head start, to tell of the new world

Love, light and healing energies too you all


The Travels Of My Mind

I’m going on a journey, my mind is travelling so
I’ve shut out all things human, I trust my spiritual self
I see life from the greatest heights, my wings have opened up
Come with me as I fly high, great stories I tell now

The mountains now I sit upon, open up the world
Oceans covering most of it, tree tops standing tall
Grasses like a patchwork quilt, colours cover land
Air so pure from this great height, my mind I understand

On I fly to things of new, my view of life has changed
No longer am I in one place, my eyes have witnessed new
Colours of the flowers spread, dotted all around
Pathways there untouched by steps, placed upon the ground

You see your mind when it is still, discovers treasures new
It doesn’t stay within the noise, a new world shows you truth
An aeroplane I have not board, but the world I have still seen
There within the stillness, my world has come too me

Love, light and healing energies too you all

So Many On The Streets

I see so many people on the streets, a sleeping bag in hand
A empty coffee paper cup, too collect money upon the ground
Cardboard boxes have been ripped, too place around their bones
Faces, hands and purple toes, droplets from their nose

They all have the same one thing, a hoody that’s too big
The hood is up no face be seen, it keeps warm their cold head
I walk past in my coat, a scarf draped round my neck
Gloves embrace my fingers, from the cold they have a break

I wonder if I called their name, would they look and answer back
I wonder would they share with me, the reasons their life’s black
I wonder if their story shared, would bring a tear upon my face
I do the only thing to help, I send a prayer their way

Love, light and healing energies too you all

I Saw Myself As A Child

I see a vision in front of me, this is what I see
A child there with curly hair, has blonde as blonde can be
A cloth draped around their tiny frame, white just like the snow
Little feet standing there, no socks or shoes on show

I see something there glistening, a light reflects it so
Around a neck there it lays, a golden cross on show
I see two hands clutching hard, something of leather drape
A cross also sitting on, the first page there displayed

As my eyes take a closer look, I see a bible there
Then the figure kneels down, head is lowered there
Then I hear some words of faint, please Lord stay with thee
The figure then does look back, a child, there I see me

Love, light and healing energies too you all