My Spiritual Walk

What I have learnt on my journey, it amazes me each day
The strength that I’ve been given, helps me on my way
A positivity reigns from me, my path it is unknown
But wherever I am heading, I trust God, I’m not alone

I know that I’ve been preparing, for something that is new
I feel change in the air, my blessings will come through
I feel within my heart each day, the peace that does dwell there
I know I have a purpose, one that shows all that I care

My journey has been a bumpy ride, so many ups and downs
Every time I feel more light, the Angels do surround
I feel their presence around me, they guide me everyday
I’m so thankful for my faith in all, I’m so blessed God shows me the way

Negativity does hit back, it tries to dim the light
But faith in me rescues all, the darkness falls from me
My faith as been my saviour, my walk will carry on
The light in me is stronger, challenges I’ll overcome

Love, light and healing energies too you all


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