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If love could be brought in a bottle, placed upon the shelf How easy would it be to find, to bring our happiness back If you could just go and buy one and spray it on your wrist Instantly you’ll feel loved again, until you need another fix If only love was that easy, money … Continue reading Bottle


God has given each of us, a life to truly blossom He gave in us the riches, the treasures of forgotten They are hidden out of sight, till we find the strength within To uncover the truth of who we are, Gods child who shines within You see we hold something precious, this is called … Continue reading Blossom


I sit here with the paper, blank before my eyes Pencil resting on my finger, unsure of what to write My mind I allow to wonder, there within my minds eye Is a place of pure beauty, my vision of true life I see me as a child, running on the sand Blonde curls flowing … Continue reading Paper

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